3d Aerial Imaging

Services Provided

Inspections and Audits – Dams, Buildings, Roof Tops, Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Cell Towers, Smoke Flue Stacks, Hydro Lines,
                                              Oil and Gas Pipelines, Bridges, Utility/Energy, Infrastructure, Railway

Construction – New Builds, Industrial, Engineering

Surveying and Monitoring – Mapping, 3d Point Cloud, Landslides, Ice Jams

Mining and Drilling – Elevation, Stock Pile Measurement, Terrain

Agriculture – Normalized Differential Vegetation Index (NDVI), Crop Inspection, Drainage, Forestry, Wildlife, Conservation

Emergency Services – Flooding, Toxic Spills, Accident/Crime scene, Safety, Post Disaster

Thermal Infrared – Fires, Search and Rescue

Special Events – Sports, Concerts, Festivals, Weddings

Investigation – Security, Surveillance, Insurance, Research

Media – Promotion, Tourism and travel

Confined Spaces – Pipelines, Building Interior, Structure, Containers, Stacks, Sewer