Real Estate, Marketing, Media

Drone Aerial Photography, Video, and Data Services

Mining, Drilling

Emergency Services
Spills, Search and Rescue, Thermal Infrared, Accident/Crime Scene

Special Events, Sports

3d Aerial Imaging uses commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to provide various aerial services across Canada

Inspections/Audits    Construction    Surveying    Mining    Agriculture/NDVI    3d Elevation Mapping    Real Estate
                                  Emergency Services    Thermal/Infrared    Special Events    Investigation

We have the pilots, equipment, and service to meet your requirements
Transport Canada Certified
Safe operation is our priority with all projects

Surveying, 3d Mapping, Elevation, Terrain

Infrastructure Inspections and

Bridges, Towers, Pipelines,  Solar Panels, Confined spaces


NDVI, Crop Management, Forestry, Conservation

3d Aerial Imaging

Construction, Building, Stockpile Measurement